About Us

About Us

Klonos Lifesciences Pvt. Ltd is a dedicated research and development company responsible for the manufacturing and distribution of Food diagnostic kits, Water testing kits and products for testing Occupational Health & Environmental safety. Our versatile range of services includes pathogen detection in various foods, detection of food adulteration, and environmental safety analysis apart from Product development support and Contract Research services.

At Klonos, our vision is to deliver innovative, cost-effective and sustainable solutions for a better life. Our mission is to be an innovative, caring and trustworthy partner in bringing life most healthy. Klonos achieves this with our scientific experts, people with manufacturing expertise and ethical pursuits that help us to introduce new Lifescience products for the mankind.

What we Believe

We are a company that translates our scientific knowledge into biological and biotechnology products to enhance the quality of life.

We are a young team and we hold our values deep.

Klonos Life Sciences has dedicated customer service and provides high quality service, product supportand consideration to all of our customers.