Contract Manufacturing and Research services

Klonos Lifesciences offers various contract manufacturing and product research services for industries, by keeping the quality as per international standards. Our team has strong experience in conducting regulated and approved biotechnology related projects for various customers.


Klonos Lifesciences also offers consultancy services to industries requiring assistance for product & process development, CODES and Standards of Food Safety, Retailers standards, HACCP, GMP, GAP, Quality implementation & Technology transfer in the cost effective production of Probiotics, Biofertilizers, Biocontrol products, Bioactive compounds and Enzymes etc.


Klonos Lifesciences is contributing significantly to create the desired human resource in the area of Biotechnology and allied sciences by providing and arranging the training, organization of the seminars, symposia and scientific workshops. Currently, Klonos Lifesciences undertakes research training in the frontier areas of Molecular biology, Microbiology, Immunology and Diagnostic services.

Other Services

Our service laboratory offers microbiological testing of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, food and beverages. Additionally, we examine the suitability of aseptic-filling systems, test the effectiveness of disinfectants, as well as provide bio-indicators and spore suspensions.

PCR & Real-Time PCR detection

We offer molecular biology & Microbiology testing services for our customers.

Occupational Health services

Klonos Lifesciences offers the full range of occupational health services for IT companies, Offices, Hospitals, Labs, Clinics etc.